Separate yourself from your competitors by interacting with your audience!

There are so many types of content out there that it can be hard to know what works best – and what isn’t already being done by everyone else. To stay ahead of the game, you have to stand out from your competitors, and according to 88% of marketers, the best way to differentiate yourself from them is through interactive content.


The benefits of content that interacts with your audience are invaluable; interactive content generates 4 to 5 times more pageviews than static content. If interactive content generates pageviews and pageviews generate business, how can you not implement interactive content into your marketing campaign?


And there are so many ways to do this!



Quizzes are a good, memorable way of getting people to interact with your brand. The best part is that, if done right, quizzes can be fun for the participants, so your brand won’t be associated with tedious, invasive marketing techniques but rather a light-hearted, fun approach. Create a quiz that relates to whatever you are offering your audience so that they know what your brand is all about, but keep the questions light and fun so it doesn’t feel like work. Let the questions be entertaining and full of personality! Allow the results to be shareable so that your brand can gain recognition through it.

A good example of an effective quiz is American eyeware brand Zenni Optical’s ‘You’ve Been Framed Quiz’, which is entertaining, engaging and, most importantly, generated a 9,655% ROI in 6 months!



Contests are another example of interactive marketing that works. These appeal to the competitive streak that most people have, as well as again providing a fun way to engage with a brand. Such contests will generate recognition and engagement with your company…and this is undeniably a good thing!

For inspiration, see Dodge’s ‘Find the Dodge Journey’ scavenger hunt, that corresponded with an sales increase of 6% the same year. While perhaps larger-scale than many brands would go for (the price was, after all, a car worth around $20,000), it is an example of the sort of fun, interactive content that gets audiences involved.



These are a great way to get your audience involved because not only do they engage with your audience but they can also be a great form of research! Conduct surveys related to your brand and what it offers to make your audience pay attention to you and find out what they think. Surveys can open you up to new ideas that come directly from your target audience, and what’s more, they can be a great way of generating leads – Xyleme created a survey about measure learning that had an 84% lead submission rate from those who started it.


So, if you think you might be lagging behind your competitors, interactive marketing is a great way to get back in the competition and get your brand name out there!