2017's best bits

With 2017 coming to a close, we’re looking back at some of the best marketing campaigns of the year.

New York Times

The best campaigns often use current affairs to inform their content, and the New York Times certainly adhered to this. After Donald Trump stirred controversy with his claims of ‘alternative facts’, the New York Times released an advert that featured a series of statements beginning with ‘the truth is…’. The ad amassed over 15 million views and the subscriptions to the New York Times rose to a record 308,000 digital subscriptions, making the campaign a marked success.

McCann New York

In New York’s world-famous Wall Street in March, a statue of a girl appeared overnight, created for State Street Global Advisers. 50 inches tall, it became known as the Fearless Girl and made a huge impression on social media, earning the company $7.4 million in free advertising TV, radio and social media.


This year IKEA created an app called ‘Place’ that uses augmented reality to demonstrate to people how furniture would look in their homes. It is a campaign that is both engaging and useful to potential customers, leading to more people making well-informed purchases from IKEA. Furthermore, it has lead to IKEA being among the AR developing brands that are mentioned most on Twitter, helping move it forward into the future.


As the New York Times’ campaign was informed by current affairs, so was Heineken’s ‘World’s Apart’ campaign, created by Publicis London. It put people with contrasting views in a room together, discussing their differences over a beer. It is a campaign that has been well-received and is often considered in comparison to Pepsi’s Kendall Jenner ad, one that was widely criticised for exploiting current social situations.