Viral marketing...the good kind of contagious!

Viral marketing is a marketing technique which encourages viewers of a given campaign to share the campaign with others, normally through social media, to maximise the size of the campaign’s audience. The obvious benefit of this is that more and more people will see the campaign and, if its good, engage with the brand further. But you don’t have to take our word for it – we’ve rounded up a list of some of the best viral marketing campaigns that speak for themselves!


In 2007, World Wrestling Entertainment promoted the return of Chris Jericho through 15 second viral videos. The video involved the viewer having to submit their name and phone number, after which they would view a phonecall from Jericho to said user imploring them to buy their season ticket. Within 24 hours, there were nearly 200,000 of these calls, showing how quickly viral marketing moves and thus how effective it is at generating the largest possible audience.

Channel 4

Leading up to the 2016 Rio Paralympics, Channel 4 created a campaign called ‘We Are the Superhumans’ to generate interest in the Paralympics. According to Adweek, their video was shared nearly 2 million times; an impressive figure for sure, and one that hints at the growth of the audience with every share.


Dove’s ‘Real Beauty Sketches’ is a well-known viral marketing campaign, in which an artist creates two sketches for various people – one based on their own description of themselves, and one based on another person’s description of them. According to Entrepreneur, the video received 114 million views in its first month, and, thanks to being uploaded in 25 different languages, it reached consumers in over 110 countries.

Old Spice

In 2010 Old Spice launched its ‘The Man Your Man Could Smell Like’ campaign, which used humour to convey its message and became a viral hit. To date, the campaign’s original video has 49.5 million views.

While viral campaigns are difficult to create, often depending more on luck and timing than specific techniques, they have many benefits to commend them so if you are looking for a goal to strive towards, a viral campaign could be it!