Christmas marketing - the hits!

With December upon us, there is one thing on everyone’s minds; Christmas! So in the spirit of Christmas, we’ve rounded up some of our favourite Christmas marketing campaigns for a bit of light lunch-break reading.

John Lewis

No one does Christmas quite like John Lewis – every year we wait with bated breath to see their latest offering. There’s been a whole host of great ads – the Hare and the Bear, the Man in the Moon – but possibly their most successful yet has been Monty the Penguin, which, according to Marketing Week, pushed sales up 4.8% and got more than 7 million views on social media within 24 hours of being released. We’ll see if that success can be beaten this year!



An example of a B2B brand that effectively used Christmas in its marketing strategy, WeWork created a Christmas gift guide for its magazine that featured products from its member companies, and utilised the hashtag #wwgiftguide to generate publicity – this is a great example of using a variety of mediums for a marketing campaign to reach the widest audience!

Air Canada

Speaking of different mediums, in 2014 Air Canada created a viral video that had more than 3 million views and, like WeWork, also used a hashtag to create more buzz (#ACAGiftOfHome). It conveyed a heartfelt story of going home to see loved ones in the holiday season, something most people can relate to as for many, Christmas is a time for family.


In an act of interactive marketing, Carlsberg created a beer-dispensing Christmas tree in 2015, which basically did exactly what you would expect a beer-dispensing Christmas tree to do; dispensed beer. At 27ft tall, it was eye-catching and impossible to miss – what more do you want from a marketing campaign?

So who will take the crown of Christmas marketing this year? There are so many tough acts to follow…with some great offerings from John Lewis, Sainsbury’s and Waitrose (among others) already, all we can do is wait and see who will deliver!