Videos - the content marketing strategy that you've overlooked

Video marketing has often been cited as the future of content marketing - Forbes called it one of the 'top ten trends driving marketing in 2017', demonstrating its status as an up-and-comer of the content marketing world. But is it a trend that you've embraced? If not, here's why you should! 


Our brains respond well

Our brains are naturally adapted to respond better to visual stimulation than written text – they process images 60,000 times faster than text! Videos take advantage of this by being rich in visuals, meaning our brains can retain more information from a video than an article. Additionally, by being both visually and aurally engaging, videos engage more of our senses and are therefore a more interactive experience, increasing their effectiveness. People like watching videos. And don't just take our word for it; according to MWP 55% of people watch video content online every day, showing just how consumable videos really are! 

More approachable

People often naturally associate reading with work, making reading articles tedious and yawn-inducing. Videos are much less intimidating than chunks of text that you have to scour through to pick out the useful bits. Everything is clearly presented, weaving bite-sized pieces of text with visuals to complement them, making it much more approachable for a wider audience. 

Easier to engage with on-the-go

It is arguably much easier to watch a quick 2 minute video while on the commute to work than read an article, half concentrating on what you're reading and half listening out for your stop. Videos are over in a matter of minutes, and in the age of social media quick, easy consumption is the key to effective and shareable content.  

Easily shareable

Social media platforms like Twitter, with its 140 character limit on tweets, are not designed for huge chunks of written information. At best, you can post a link to an article. But the effectiveness of this has its limits. With Twitter users 40 times more likely to retweet something that includes visual content, videos are definitely more shareable, allowing them to reach a wider audience. 


Below are two of the most shared video marketing campaigns of 2016, showing you just why videos are such an effective marketing medium. 

Red Bull - 27,047,591 shares

McDonald's - 8,618,554 shares

Is the trend of video marketing new? Not necessarily. The rise of video marketing can be closely linked to the rise of social media, with sites like Facebook and Twitter making it easy to share videos in a few clicks of a button. But it's certainly a trend that is growing in relevance, with statistics showing that 46% of marketers plan to add video to their content strategy in the next year (Hubspot). 


So if video marketing is something you've been glossing over, perhaps it's time to embrace it before you get left behind!