News roundup

Like magpies searching out shiny objects, we have found some interesting articles from the last week and put them all in one place for you. Enjoy! 


Channel 4’s #TogetherAgainstHate is best campaign of 2018

It is a collaboration between Nationwide, McCain, Maltesers and Channel 4 and was voted as such by 70% of voters, beating out some tough competition.


Marketing predictions for 2019

There will be more of a focus on implementation rather than just speculating about possibilities, according to Sarah Steimer of the American Marketing Association.


Forbes debunks the myths of digital marketing

Through examples of their own Forbes questions some commonly accepted myths about digital marketing.


The shop where you can’t buy things for yourself

Just off Carnaby Street there is a shop called Choose Love, a collaboration between Help Refugees and Glimpse, where you can buy real products for refugees such as blankets, rather than just donating money, and it’s gaining momentum even as other retail is slowing down.


Ofcom releases list of most complained about tv shows of 2018

Big Brother is at the top of the list with over 20,000 complaints, followed by an episode of Loose Women in second place.


Majority of electronics reviews on Amazon are found to be fake

According to this article, 61% of reviews on Amazon are either faked or paid for, with the problem most common among products like wireless headphones, phone cases and smart watches.