Marketing trends to look out for in 2019

As 2018 comes to a close (far too soon!), we look ahead to see what kind of marketing trends we can expect to see on the rise in 2019.

(1)    Omnichannel marketing: a marketing strategy that sees brands use every channel for their marketing, thus being able to target all consumers. According to John Bowden of Time Warner Cable, this approach anticipates that customers may start on one channel and end up on another, so omnichannel marketing allows a brand to stay connected to the customer regardless of the channel.

(2)    Voice strategy: with the likes of Siri and Alexa becoming more and more part of people’s daily lives, voice strategy is certainly on the rise. According to The Drum, it’s predicted that by 2020 all major brands will have incorporated voice strategy into their marketing plans, so that’s surely a trend we can expect to see grow in the next year.

(3)    Rebuilding trust on social media: Hootsuite shared its predictions for social media trends next year, and this one topped the list. According to the Edelman trust barometer, 60% of people no longer trust social media (no surprise in the wake of scandals like that of Cambridge Analytica). Brands will have to work to reconnect with customers via social media and prove they are trustworthy by generating content that is of a high quality.

(4)    Social listening: more and more brands will start to search social media platforms more specifically for the people they want to target in their marketing. This can be done through platforms like Hootsuite that allow you to search for very specific terms to find the people who match your demographic most based on what they put out on social media.

(5)    Live videos: with so many platforms supporting this, from Instagram to Facebook to Youtube, live videos are gaining in popularity. They also provide a way for brands to interact with their customers in a way that feels more personal and less anonymous. 82% of respondents to a Livestream survey said they prefer live videos to other social media posts from brands, showing the efficacy of this trend.

So, these are some of the trends that are expected to grow over the next year. They’re worth looking out for, and trying to incorporate into your own marketing strategies to keep your brand relevant and up-to-date in the constantly changing marketing landscape.