News roundup

Like magpies searching out shiny objects, we have found some interesting articles from the last week and put them all in one place for you. Enjoy! 

Who took home the most awards in 2017?

The Drum has rounded up all the agencies and creatives that won the most awards last year, putting it all in one place.

Using advertising to help end the stigma around mental health

Lloyds Bank has created an advert that will help raise awareness of mental health and hopefully contribute to ending the stigma around this topic.

Pepsi revisits the past to carry on building its future

In its 30-second Superbowl spot Pepsi has taken the interesting approach of creating an advert that revisits the brand’s most iconic moments.

Make sure you’re promoting your content the right way!

Content promotion is one of the most important parts of the marketing process, so make sure you’re doing it right!

The marketing industry wastes $30 billion a year…

this is how.

The new Captain Birds Eye advert has been pulled due to health and safety fears

The decision stemmed from concerns that the ad could lead to people drowning.