Step up your marketing game for summer!

Summer is upon us, and while it is tempting to slow down over the warmer period (especially when you start to see school kids embarking on 6 week long holidays!), in fact summer is a great time to heat up your marketing game!

For some companies, business tends to slow down over summer as people are going away or just having a break, and engaging less with your company. However, this doesn’t have to be a problem; there are many ways to take advantage of a temporary seasonal lull, if you happen to experience one.

For example, use the summer period to start planning your strategies for the upcoming autumn – this gives you the chance to be ahead of the game. You have plenty of time to start coordinating a social media campaign for next year to ensure you’re on the top of your game all year round (to give you some ideas regarding your social media campaign, we have a few blogposts that may inspire you, such as What You Can Learn From Jeremy Corbyn’s Social Media Campaign and Using Social Media to Find Your Target Audience). Planning ahead is an important but underrated part of marketing, so if it’s something you overlook, summer could be the perfect opportunity to get on top of it.

Another way to utilize the summer is for networking. There are always plenty of events going on which can be found on relevant websites – for example, the IPA website has a whole calendar of events for summer – and it’s also possible to find lists of upcoming events put together by people in the know (see here). But if there’s nothing that takes your fancy, or you’re just not free on those particular dates, there’s another option…host your own! Alright, easier said than done, but it is possible.  As it’s summer, you could host an informal event that people wouldn’t find too heavy for the warm weather but would look forward to attending. Things to consider when planning a networking event including deciding what the purpose of your event is (which will give you a clue as to who you want to invite, for example will it be aimed at small business owners or bigger agencies?), what style of event (casual meet up over beers? Something fancier?), what your budget is, and of course the time and date. Once this is all sorted out, you can use a platform like Eventbrite to organize registration (which you can do for free if the event is free), and promote it on your social media accounts.

Other things to consider in your summer approach to marketing include keeping your campaigns fun and light-hearted – people want to relax in summer, and if your marketing can help them do that you’re onto a winner! Whether you’re focusing on email marketing, social media campaigns or anything else keep your content fun and friendly – nothing too intense will be in season.

Another way to keep people engaged in summer is by holding contests or giveaways – they don’t have to be big, they’re just a fun way to keep people interested without feeling bogged down by your marketing. Popular ideas for summer contests are photo contests; ask your social media followers to share their best holiday pictures, and let them vote on the best, with a prize for the winner. These types of contests are easy for both you to arrange and your audience to participate in, so they’re ideal for summer.

So even if everyone seems to be sleepy and just looking for relaxation this summer, don’t let your marketing slow down. There are loads of ways to keep it up for summer and, if all else fails, at least use the time to start planning for autumn so you can be the best you’ve ever been next year!