Marketing trends 2018

Halfway through the year and the marketing scene of 2018 has already taken shape, and these are the trends that have emerged so far this year!

1.      The prevalence of AI

This has been a topic of intense discussion for a long time, but with the rise of chatbots in customer service, 2018 could be the year that AI really makes strides in marketing. Chatbots bring a number of advantages, such as a better user experience, meaning they should definitely be on the radar this year.

2.      Greater personalisation of content

According to Lowpost, companies are personalising content more than ever thanks to algorithms that allow them to see users’ habits and therefore adapt their content to this.

3.      More personal messages

With the upcoming onset of GDPR, brands are feeling the need to make their marketing approach more personal than ever before to ensure their target audience stays engaged and gives their permission to use their details. One example of this is using things like merge tags to ensure email campaigns address clients by name.

4.      Use of live videos

While live video streaming isn’t brand new, it certainly seems to be on the rise in the marketing world; according to studies, 95% of marketers are banking on live video this year. Live videos are a good way of establishing an immediate connection with viewers, making them something to consider.

5.      Augmented reality

Augmented reality is predicted to be a big tool in the marketing world this year, with studies suggesting that 90% of big companies are already using it. As it becomes easier to implement into campaigns, it will surely become more popular among smaller companies too, and it is certainly an approach that many customers would find exciting and engaging.

Of course, these are just a few trends that have emerged and will continue to develop in 2018, but they are certainly worth getting behind if you want to evolve your marketing strategies for the times.