News roundup

Like magpies searching out shiny objects, we have found some interesting articles from the last week and put them all in one place for you. Enjoy! 


Think your marketing deserves an award? Look no further!

Marketing Week’s Master Awards 2019 opened for entry yesterday, and there are more than 30 categories to win in so if you think you’ve got what it takes, give it a shot!


RAF aims to challenge sexism after winning Channel 4’s diversity contest

They will debut their winning ad today, which juxtaposes stereotypes with the work of RAF’s women on the front line.


In case you had any doubts, social media really can be used to change the world

The UN used Facebook to help raise awareness and tackle climate change by livestreaming David Attenborough’s People’s Seat Address to the UN, which 19 million people watched.


Just how big is the influencer marketing industry anyway?

Apparently it’s not actually that big, despite how much of it you seem to see everywhere.


How to get Gen Z on your side

If you’ve been struggling with reaching this particular demographic, these new rules may help you capture their hearts.


A new way to use crowdfunding platforms

Companies like P&G’s GilletteLabs have been turning to platforms like Indiegogo to raise awareness and interest rather than the more traditional money.