Our favourite Valentine's Day campaigns

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, we’ve rounded up some of the best Valentine’s Day/generally romance related campaigns we could think of.

The Body Shop Valentine’s Day Kissing Contest

For Valentine’s Day in 2018 the Body Shop hosted a ‘kissing contest’, where people were encouraged to share a photo of themselves blowing a kiss with the hashtag #SendingAKiss, and to tag their friends in the picture. The campaign coincided with the release of a new product, allowing maximum publicity for this product, and was a fun way of engaging their audience (as well as reaching a new audience by having people tag their friends).

Dove Chocolate’s #SetTeddyFree

This year, Dove Chocolate has launched its biggest marketing effort in recent times, and part of this is an ad in which women buy their own chocolate for Valentine’s Day, which, as a voiceover in the ad claims, sets a teddy bear free. The strength in this playful approach to Valentine’s Day is that it doesn’t alienate those who aren’t in relationships, as so many approaches seem to, but instead has fun with them. There’s also a #SetTeddyFree hashtag, which, like the Body Shop’s campaign, adds an interactive element.

Travelex’s romantic holiday giveaway

Last year, Travelex created a contest in which couples around the world were asked to send in their most romantic holiday pictures, with the hashtag #TravelexKiss. The winning photograph would win two tickets for a trip to Paris, the ‘city of love’. Definitely a prize worth going for!

T-Mobile’s bitter breakups

T-Mobile’s campaign asked users to share ‘breakup letters’ with their mobile phone companies, explaining that they were dumping them for T-Mobile. It was a campaign that was funny and simultaneously gave T-Mobile feedback on why people were using T-Mobile over other companies…in other words, a win-win.

Deliveroo: Third Wheel Kevin

Speaking of funny, another Valentine’s Day campaign that opted for humour rather than the typical trappings of love hearts and such was Deliveroo’s Third Wheel Kevin ad. Based on a survey that claimed 37% of Brits wouldn’t mind a third person at the dinner table, the ad had fun with the concept of third wheels. See for yourself!

We hope these campaigns inspired you, or at least tugged your heartstrings just in time for Valentine’s Day. Whatever your plans, we hope you have a good one!