Some eggstraordinary easter marketing campaigns!

With Easter approaching, there’s plenty to look forward to. Ok, there’s mainly chocolate to look forward to. In fact, most Easter marketing campaigns pretty much revolve around this, and we’ve rounded up a few of our favourites.

Cadbury’s Hunt the White Crème Egg campaign

Cadbury has pretty much monopolised Easter with their yearly Crème Egg season, and this year is no exception with the hunt for the white Crème Egg. The way it works is simple, but effective. You have to look for Crème Eggs that have infiltrated other brands ads, websites, etc and, if you find one, take a picture of it. You then upload the picture to their website and the egg is unwrapped. If it’s white, you get the chance to win big (up to £10,000!) and if it’s not white you still get a free egg out of it. It’s a fun interactive way to get people in the mood for Easter as well as get publicity for Cadbury, and it’s a clever way for Cadbury to make the most of other brands’ marketing campaigns as well as their own.

Asda’s chocolate hen

Ok, so chocolate eggs are pretty overdone in marketing. You can find them anywhere and everywhere. But in 2016, Asda mixed things up by advertising that they were selling over 20 million chocolate eggs, and to do this, they needed a giant chocolate hen. You can watch the ad below, and see the effect of doing something a bit different to everyone else – it’s certainly a memorable ad!

Co-Op’s ‘eggsperiments’

Co-Op also took a slightly different approach to the Easter egg theme. Instead of focusing on chocolate eggs, they focused on trying to find ‘good eggs’; people who did good deeds. They did this in a series of 8 online videos, captured through hidden cameras, of people being ‘good eggs’. They were easily shareable (a marketing must) and effective because they allowed the public to get involved by tagging their own loved ones.

Marmite’s yestier egg

Despite not being a brand which you’d normally associate with Easter, Marmite has got in the spirit with its own Marmite flavoured Easter egg. It’s possibly not what anyone will want to receive on Easter Sunday, but it’s so weird that it will definitely grab your attention. It’s tagline is ‘Love it or hate it, you just have to try it!’ That’s debateable, but it’s an eye-catching campaign nonetheless!

The most memorable campaigns are the ones that do something a little different with a worn out idea, as well as being interactive and fun. We hope these serve as a shining eggsample of what works this Easter!