News roundup

Like magpies searching out shiny objects, we have found some interesting articles from the last week and put them all in one place for you. Enjoy! 


Accepting that people hate ads is the key to making a good ad

However hard you try to fool yourself, the truth is that people just don’t like ads…but that shouldn’t stop you making good ads!


What AI can do about ad fraud

Ad fraud is a big problem and it’s a hard one to tackle. AI is becoming more and more a part of marketing lately, but here’s what it could mean for ad fraud.


Marketing the black hole

After NASA released visual evidence of black holes, many brands jumped at the marketing opportunity this presented.


Thinking of setting up an app?

Here are a few things you should know going into it.


Anti-social media

One of the most common bits of marketing advice is to have a strong social media presence – so why is Lush doing the exact opposite and stepping away from social media? Read about it here.